Ergobaby 360 Sunrise Pearl Grey Babytrage

ERGOBABY 360 Sunrise Pearl Grey
  • ERGOBABY 360 Sunrise Pearl Grey
  • ERGOBABY 360 Sunrise Pearl Grey
  • ERGOBABY 360 Sunrise Pearl Grey
  • ERGOBABY 360 Sunrise Pearl Grey
  • ERGOBABY 360 Sunrise Pearl Grey
  • ERGOBABY 360 Sunrise Pearl Grey

Ergobaby 360 Sunrise Pearl Grey Babytrage

132,15 €

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Babytrage Typ
Geeignet für
Gewicht Baby
5,5 - 20 kg (ohne insert)
geeignet für Größe
62/68 – 86/92 (ohne Insert)
Größe Kind
62, 68, 74, 80, 86, 92
Bauch, Rücken, Hüfte, in Blickrichtung


The Ergobaby 360 Sunrise is the first Ergobaby carrier in which you can carry your child in 4 ergonomic carrying positions: the trusted front, hip and back position, but also with your baby on the front facing outwards.

The Ergobaby 360 Sunrise was recognized as a “hip-healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It was also confirmed to be “back-healthy” by the German AGR.

The Ergobaby 360 Sunrise features a structured bucket seat to keep your baby ergonomically seated in all 4 positions, with knees even to or above hips and with baby's spine in curved "C" position. Button adjustments let parents adapt the seat width to baby's size and position to ensure comfort and ideal hip positioning in all four carry positions at any time.

The baby carrier features an adjustable back panel to provide extra height and neck support for your baby with a stowable hood to support your baby’s head while sleeping. In addition, it protects from sun and offers the mother privacy while nursing.

The Ergobaby 360 Carrier also features a newly designed waistband that easily and securely fastens with velcro and can be worn high or low on the waist for wearer comfort and extra support for the low back.

Padded shoulder straps help evenly distribute your baby's weight in combination with the wide waistband to maximize parent comfort.

Features of the Ergobaby 360 Sunrise Four Position Baby Carrier:

  • 4 ergonomic carry positions
  • Without infant insert from 5,5 - 20 kg
  • From newborn with infant insert (3,2 - 5,5 kg)
  • Ergonomic forward facing option
  • Deep seat to ensure natural frog-leg seated position
  • Curved shoulder straps, perfect fit even for slimmer or smaller parents
  • Wide waistband for extra back support
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps and waistbelt
  • Adjustable privacy hood (UPF 50+)
  • Cushioned and foldable head and neck support
  • Machine washable
  • Material: 100% Cotton

Ergobaby recommends that the positions on the hip, back, and front facing outward should not be used before the baby is able to hold his head and neck alone, usually starting from 5 or 6 months. The 4th position facing forward should be reserved for short periods (10 - 15 minutes) to avoid hyperstimulation. If the baby appears agitated or feels sleepy, just simply turn it around facing inward, so that it can rest and finds comfort again.

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